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All payments are handled through PayPal or stripe   

Running a Minecraft Server is expensive. All the money goes directly into keeping the server up and running!

If you have made a purchase on our store it will be processed immediately, however may take 5-10 minutes to reach your in-game account.
If you haven't received your rank or items within an hour of the purchase make sure to contact our support team:

MOODmc is NOT affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB.

Refund Policy:
All Services and "Products" bought are FINAL, all items are sold as virtual goods and services and are not redeemable in the "real world" due to these limitations we practice the No Refunds/No Chargeback Policy unless an exception is made by the Administration team of MOODmc. Any Chargebacks made through our payment gateways but not limited to Credit Card Companies, such as banks and any other third party financial institutions will result in an immediate suspension of all services provide for the Individual (You). 


Minecraft servers allow you or your children to play with other people all around the world. They can easily connect and play with other people at all times. We at MOODmc promise that your children is safe with us, we don't allow any bullying or harassment from any parties and your children can play safely while enjoying the game that they love.

Running a server has more costs than you may initially imagine, and this is the only outlet for us to cover these costs. Any help is greatly appreciated!

When you purchase anything from our store you are accepting our Terms and Conditions, in which we explain that we practice the No Refunds/No Chargeback Policy unless an exception is made by the Administration team of MOODmc.

We at MOODmc don't allow rank transfers, if you'd like to get the same perks on another account you will need to purchase those perks once again.